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What is an IGE Music and Art Immersion?

Unlike any traditional music festival, intimate IGE Music and Art Immersions dissolve boundaries among superstar musicians and fans, performers and spectators, participants and environments. Participants experience multiple historic, one of a kind collaborations of curated supergroups as they day in and day out live, encounter art and create community with their favorite musical icons. Immersion concerts and jams integrate the finest of European improvisational players into every performance, exclusively for the handful of participants and local charities.

IGE Immersions are seminal era defining musical moments, each a unique, essential event in musical history. Participants emerge with myriad “yes I was there stories” to be told forever. It is one thing to witness profound historical events. Participants in IGE Immersions create them.

For Reference – 2018 Barcelona Immersion Itinerary

Lisbon, Portugal

IGE Immersion 2019 will plunge you into the heart of vibrant Lisbon’s cultural scene!

Lisbon is the latest stop on IGE’s global Music and Art Immersion tour, drawing together a dynamic multi-genre assemblage of internationally eminent musicians, music fans and arts patrons. We’ve scoured Lisbon to secure a magical diversity of venues across the city and identify the finest of local musical talent. As with Venice and Barcelona, we curate musical and artistic experiences with a mind to overarching synergistic impact.

In Lisbon, participants will witness once in a lifetime musical collaborations of IGE Musical Ambassadors with a broad range of multi-genre European All Stars. Conceived as a cohesive multi-dimensional installation and crafted with our local friends and nonprofit partners, we’ll move from club to cathedral, palace to museum, quaint theater to scientific society.

Expect a celebration of local artistic and musical culture and a deep musical ambassador lineup with multi-genre European All Stars similar to past IGE events. As with other IGE Immersions, expect a limited capacity in Lisbon to retain the intimacy of the Immersive environment.

The freshly refurbished Hotel Convento do Salvador, our historical hotel headquarters, is ideally situated in the heart of medieval Alfama. Convento do Salvador is owned by our nonprofit partner the APCC (Association for the Cultural Promotion of Children)* and the Lisbon Immersion directly funds their operations.

With IGE’s Portuguese partners, European All Stars in residence, and local friends, Immersion participants bring direct benefit to Lisbon non-profits, artist communities and people. Unlike most travelers who take what they wish and move on, IGE Music and Art Immersion participants give, of course all while having the times of their lives and earning a substantial tax deduction.

*Hotel Convento do Salvador is an innovative socio-economic project which sets out to support the cultural activities of the Centro Convento do Salvador, geared towards children and youths, The Associação para a Promoção Cultural da Criança (Association for the Cultural Promotion of Children) is a national, non-governmental, non-profit Portuguese organization which develops leisure activities of a socio-cultural and educational nature for youths and children.

The activities of this Association are grounded on the guiding principles of solidarity, equality, cooperation, defence of the environment and experience acquired over more than 30 years, during which priority has always been placed upon combining education and leisure. We set out to contribute to the global development of children in their various dimensions, promoting their sense of justice, responsibility and respect for difference, and motivating them towards a more active  and constructive approach to society from an inter-cultural perspective.

We are currently working in a number of areas, namely holiday camps, programmes for schools and institutions, youth exchange programmes, basic and complementary training for youth leaders, cooperation projects with countries of Portuguese expression, exhibitions, seminars, the publication of books and development of educational games. Such activities rely on the regular support of the Secretary of State for Sport and Youth – Portuguese Sport and Youth – and on other public and private entities.

IGE Musical Ambassadors

Musical Ambassadors are the essence of IGE Music and Art Immersions. IGE honors Ambassadors for unusual commitment over careers to musical, educational and broader communities. These eminent master musicians embrace cross-cultural, multi-genre collaboration as they contribute to the dynamic synergism at the core of the Immersion experience. It is around Musical Ambassadors, against the backdrops of historic Venice, Italy and now, magical Barcelona, Spain that Immersions coalesce and unfold. Ambassadors orchestrate Immersions as they perform in rehearsed and spontaneous ensembles.

Lisbon Immersion Packages Include:


10 days and 9 nights single, double, triple or quadruple accommodations and daily breakfast at the Convento do Salvador, IGE Lisbon headquarters. IGE occupies the entire property for the duration of the Immersion with few limitations on hours of operations or musical stylings. At the Convento, we will host ‘round the clock scheduled and impromptu performances throughout the Immersion. From the pull-out-the-stops catered first night concert to our final evening musical extravaganza with tapas, Convento is the epicenter for the musical collaborations unique to IGE Immersions


    • Daily buffet breakfast.
    • Arrival drinks and catered tapas dinner at Hotel Convento Do Salvador with live fado and a Musical Ambassador performance.
    • Welcome dinner and Musical Ambassador performance at the ethereal rooftop Rio Maravilha in the artsy LX Factory.
    • Concert at the otherworldy Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa. 
    • Concert at the jewel box LU.CA theater (1737)- Lisbon’s oldest opera house. 
    • Al Fresco Concert in Estufa Fria, Lisbon’s expansive tropical botanical paradise.
    • Concert at Teatro do Bairro, an edgy neighborhood theater.
    • Afternoon Concert at Santa Caterina Church featuring IGE Musical Ambassadors and pipe organ Performance.
    • Gala Concert and Dinner/Benefit for APCC featuring an Alentejo Choir and Musical Ambassador performance at Casa de Alentejo, a fantastical Moorish palace.
    • Concert at the nonprofit Fabrica Braco de Prata, an IGE partner, arts community center and ground zero for artists across the spectrum of disciplines.
    • Concert at Titanic Sur Mer on the waterfront.
    • IGE and nonprofit partner Fabrica Braco de Prata host a festive night of cross-cultural collaboration on 4 intimate stages. Fabrica, an arts community center is ground zero for artists across the spectrum.
    • Afternoon concert in the Cloisters of Mosteiro Sao Vicente de fora.
    • Regular Daily and nightly performances at Convento do Salvador featuring a range of Ambassador sets and multi genre European All-Star performances.
    • Final Evening Party, catered tapas and multi set concert extravaganza at the Convento.

– Airfare is not included in package price –

– Partial listing of programming –

– Specific programming is subject to change –

— All included meals carefully cater to dietary preferences and restrictions—

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The Hotel Convento do Salvador

10 days and 9 nights single, double, triple or quadruple accommodations and daily breakfast at the Hotel Convento do Salvador, IGE Lisbon headquarters. IGE occupies the entire property for the duration of the Immersion. The freshly refurbished Convento is perfectly situated in the heart of medieval Alfama, Lisbon’s ancient core and pedestrian zone. The Convento will be converted into an atmospheric event venue with a performance stage, cozy living room space and bar. Convento’s spectacular outdoors cloister patio is ideal for celebration and the intercultural collaborations at the heart of the immersive experience.

In addition to our home venue at the Hotel Convento do Salvador, below is a sampling of where our musical adventure will take us in Lisbon.

2019 Lisbon Music and Art Immersion Packages 

Room Type Cost Per Person
Quad Two level Suite w/Twins or King + Double Sofa Bed $2,950.00
Triple Two level Suite w/Twins or King + Double Sofa Bed $3,650.00
Standard Double w/Queen $3,950.00
ONE REMAINING – Superior Double w/Twins or King  $4,250.00
SOLD OUT – Standard Double w/Queen with River View $4,500.00
SOLD OUT – Standard Double w/Queen with River View + larger room $4,750.00
Superior Double Two level Suite w/Twins or King + Double Sofa Bed $5,500.00
 SOLD OUT – Single w/Full Size $6,500.00

**Rooms specially adapted for wheelchair access are available.

Charitable Contribution:
Innovative Giving Enhancement (IGE) 501(c)(3) Immersion Guests may claim a substantial charitable contribution deduction for the excess of the purchase price paid over its fair market value (FMV). IGE will provide documentation to Guests indicating your tax deductible donation to IGE.

Our standard payment schedule :

1. 50% of trip cost at time of booking
2. 75% of trip cost by June 3, 2019
3. 100% of trip cost July 3, 2019

Cancellation, Substitution, and Alteration Policies.

1. On or before April 5th, 2019 – 100% payment return – $250 service fee /reservation.
2. On or before May 6th, 2019 – 75% of Trip Price Returned
3. On or before June 5th, 2019 – 50% of Trip Price Returned
4. On or before July 5th, 2019 – 25% of Trip Price Returned
5. On or after July 6th, 2019 – No refunds of 100% of Immersion payment

Pre-Book Now!

           “An IGE immersion is like no musical excursion you will participate in. It’s incomparable to any vacation – becoming a community in a foreign land to appreciate culture, art and music is the way to get to know a city like you never can sightseeing alone. On Immersions you are simultaneously a traveller and at home with a group of common minded people.” – Paul Hoffman, Greensky Bluegrass

           “For me, the IGE immersion is truly unique. It’s not a gig, it’s not a vacation, it’s an opportunity to be who we are, among friends. Lovers of culture, of language, of food, of lifestyle. Its about special musical collaborations in sublime settings. It’s about sharing laughter and wonder and song in enchanting European locations. It’s about tuning in to the local vibe and rhythms and soaking them up. It’s less about performing music, and more about playing it out of joy, inspiration and gratitude fueled by the immersive experience.” – Keith Moseley, String Cheese Incident

           “The opportunity to see disparate artists join together in multiple formats, to watch their musical language at work, creating new harmonious wholes, was awe-inspiring.” – Zak Gordon

           “I had a fantastic time. I wasn’t sure what to expect but felt truly immersed–no other word truly applies–with my favorite music. I loved the venues you found and how the music was seamlessly integrated with the art and architecture around us. Some of the experiences (the Holly Bowling concert at MEAM comes to mind) were truly stunning. I also liked the ratio of group activities to free time for exploring.” – Wendy Gordon

           “Just as there was “Nothing like a Grateful Dead show”, there is nothing like the IGE experience. I’m still high from it and there will be lifelong memories and, I expect, ongoing relationships. Extremely well organized, seamlessly designed, thoughtful artists. A very classy operation. Folks were smiling even when it was rainy. Help was always nearby. AND THE MUSIC WAS TOPS!. – Barry Elkin

           “At first I was hesitant to attend this event as a solo. I’m forever grateful I made the leap and signed up. Less than 24 hours in – the experience had more than paid for itself. The warmth of the group, talent and graciousness of the musicians, and attentiveness of the staff combined to make for one of the best vacations I have ever taken.” – Reed Lewis

           “Thank you so much for the memories! May the Universe return to you the blessings you shared with us tenfold!” – Brenda Hann

           “I have been on more than my share of wonderful travels and adventures in my lifetime, but the trip to Barcelona was super duper extra Special! What a special experience to be a part of a living breathing music troupe coming together! The music and the people helped me reset myself vibrationally, and emotionally! – Alessandra Schwartz

           “Music, travel, friends. No other festival captures the intimacy and creativity of an Immersion. There’s just nothing else like it. This year’s immersion was equally mind-blowing as last year’s.” -Susi Bouse

“Mind-blowing is an understatement for what we experienced in Barcelona, on many levels. From the music, the architecture, the food, the people, the IGE staff & production crew who worked so hard to make it all happen & run smoothly….Barcelona was an exhilarating adventure that we’ll be talking about for a long time to come.” – Joel Tarantal 

           “An absolutely fabulous experience… We have been around the block a few times and I can say that in almost 50 years of listening to this music and being a part of this community, this was our finest experience ever.” – Ron and Lili Zweibaum

      “Unforgettable. The City of Venice – its people, history and culture – was beyond my wildest imagination. Our IGE hosts and fellow travelers were kind and wondrous. The musicians were bellissimo – in performance and in spirit. Living in the villa along the canal, I felt like a Venetian.”  – Michael Jon Samuels, Qello Concerts 

          “Hands down the best musical experience I’ve ever had. If there’s a heaven, it’s pretty close to being immersed for 10 days with great musicians in a beautiful setting, surrounded by friends old and new.” – Dave F.

“We had an amazing experience with IGE in Venice. The performances and friendliness of the unbelievably talented musicians and outstanding hospitality of the hosts exceeded our expectation. It was truly a memorable experience which we will always cherish.”  – Jason Eig Partner at Blank Rome LLP & his AWESOME wife Heather Eig

                         “Nothing beats immersing yourself in a beautiful city like Venice, surrounded by live music and kind folks – truly a unique travel experience!” – Melissa Herman 

              “Our trip was an incredible experience that approached was almost surreal with the level of camaraderie that we enjoyed with the artists and our fellow travelers. Friendships that will last our lifetime!” – Peter H.

“I just want to tell you that our time together in Venice was one of the best times of my life. I feel that I understand the concepts around immersion and flow as I never have before. I loved everything you did to make our time here transformative and engaging and crazy fun. And full of heart.”  – Vanessa

“Great Music, Great Venues, a well thought out program that blends music, local culture and a truly unique intimate experience with like minded music freaks- you won’t find this elsewhere.” – Todd Z.

“We had the time of our lives and became so fully immersed in music and art that our hearts were exuberant! This experience is like no other with musical talent and fellowship beyond compare.” – Emily S.

“After augmenting our Venetian Immersion with subsequent expeditions to Florence and Rome, we have finally safely, albeit somewhat sadly, arrived back home in Philadelphia. The abrupt difference in the view from our bedroom window this morning from weeks past was a rude awakening, to be sure, but we are indeed most grateful for the abundance of joyful memories from this excursion which replay so vividly in our nightly dreams, and which will no doubt continue to titillate our souls for time eternal.Our deepest and most humble thanks to everyone who participated in and made possible this most extraordinary and magical event.” – Tanto amore,  Stu and Maria

“Venice washed over me like a wave, and touched all the senses. We saw amazing art & were treated to fantastic music everyday we got to be with friends old & new, and what more could you ask for? Yes, Yes, Yes!” – Joel

“What a special way to explore a new place! I really loved settling in and getting to know my surroundings as well as spending time with new and old friends. The music was icing on the cake and a pleasure to be a part of!” – Jilian

“One of the peak experiences of my life, and I’ve had (more than) a few!” – Greg

Ross James
Ross JamesMulti-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Singer
Ross was a founding member of the band American Jubilee, and has shared the stage with many greats including Phil Lesh, John Scofield, Chris Robinson, Warren Haynes, Stanley Jordan, John Mayer, and more.
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Holly Bowling
Holly BowlingPianist, Keyboardist and Composer
Texture, nuance, and a gift for dexterous high-wire improvisation are the hallmarks of San Francisco-based classically trained pianist Holly Bowling, who is infuses jam band music with a technically advanced,
emotionally rich style.
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Nicki Bluhm
Nicki BluhmSinger, Songwriter, Guitarist
California native Nicki Bluhm is a singer, songwriter and performer. In 2008 Bluhm released her first album, Toby’s Song and with its release put together her band The Gramblers. Nicki went on to release her second effort Driftwood (2012) establishing her and the band as a nationally touring act.
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Paul Hoffman
Paul HoffmanSinger, Songwriter, Mandolinist, Guitarist
Founding member, singer, songwriter and mandolin player for the award winning folk/americana outfit Greensky Bluegrass.
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Anders Beck
Anders BeckDobro, Lap Steel
Anders Beck plays dobro, or resonator guitar, or drop steel in the progressive American musical group Greensky Bluegrass.
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Grahame Lesh
Grahame LeshGuitarist, Songwriter, Singer
Based in the musical hotbed of Marin County, California, Grahame Lesh is a guitar player and singer songwriter for Midnight North & the Terrapin Family Band.
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Scott Law
Scott LawGuitarist, Songwriter, Vocalist
Multifaceted artist Scott Law is an accomplished guitar master, songwriter, vocalist and solo recording artist operating at the very highest level of his craft. Law is a fearless improviser circulating with legendary Bluegrass, American Roots, Rock and Jamband luminaries.
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Elliott Peck
Elliott PeckGuitarist, Keyboardist, Songwriter, Singer
Elliott Peck is a singer, songwriter and musician originally from the Midwest, who currently resides in San Francisco, California. She plays keyboards, guitar, sings and writes for the band Midnight North, which include guitarist/songwriter Grahame Lesh.
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Matt Butler
Matt ButlerConductor, Drummer
Everyone Orchestra conductor/founder Matt Butler corrals the musicians to create wondrous aural creations that defy genre and even get the audience involved in the song-creating process.
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Natalie Cressman
Natalie Cressman Singer, Songwriter, Trombonist
Possessing a voice as cool and crystalline as an Alpine stream, Natalie Cressman is a rising singer/songwriter and trombonist who draws inspiration from a vast array of deep and powerful musical currents. Her new EP five-song EP Traces reveals her latest evolution, a sleek and sensuous electronica-laced sound with even a trace or two of dance floor sweat.
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Ian Faquini
Ian FaquiniComposer, Guitarist, Singer
Ian Faquini is a composer, guitarist, and singer born in Brasília and raised in Berkeley. Ian has become one of the most unique and respected guitar players in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his distinct compositional style and harmonic sense. He is also a brilliant accompanist, which has made him an in-demand collaborator with vocalists in the Bay Area and beyond.
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Samson Grisman
Samson GrismanBassist
Bassist Samson Grisman is from Mill Valley, California and made his recording debut at age eight with John Hartford, Mike Seeger and his dad David Grisman on their Grammy-nominated Retrograss album.
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Mihali Savoulidis
Mihali SavoulidisSinger, Guitarist
Mihali Savoulidis is the lead singer and guitarist for Vermont rock quartet, Twiddle. Barely 30 years old, the Jersey native has already drawn crowds at such notable rock shrines as Red Rocks, The Capitol Theatre and Bonnaroo. Twiddle’s fan base is growing rapidly, and Mihali’s signature vocals and guitar work are more than partly responsible for this undeniable momentum.
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Jay Cobb Anderson
Vocals, Lead Guitar, Harmonica

Kellen Asebroek
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano

Mimi Naja
Vocals, Mandolin, Electric & Amp; Acoustic Guitar

Jeff Leonard

Tyler Thompson
Drums, Banjo

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James Casey
James CaseyMulti-Instrumentalist, Singer, Producer, Composer
James Casey is an NY/LA-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and composer. Born in Washington, DC, and raised in Phoenix, AZ, he pursued a Music Business degree at Berklee College of Music. After leaving Boston, James moved to New York to pursue his passion of making music.
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Tim Carbone
Tim CarboneViolinist, Producer
Mostly known nowadays as the violinist for the roots/jamband Railroad Earth, Tim produced his first record in 1986 and since then has lent his talents to records all around the United States.
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