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IGE international philanthropic operations form artist communities and bridge cultural divides through music. Abroad, IGE eminent master musicians (Musical Ambassadors) merge with essential local artists (Global All-Stars) to embrace cross-cultural, multi-genre collaboration. IGE international artist collectives marshal creativity for the benefit of local nonprofit organizations.

Following the significant success of IGE’s 2017 Grateful Aloha Concert for the benefit of Kaua’i Hospice, we’ve expanded programming in 2022. Current planning is for a weeklong concert festival to benefit a broad coalition of vital local nonprofits. Together these organizations touch every island resident. We anticipate leaving every dollar raised in Kaua’i through ticket revenue and local underwriting on the island.

For Reference – Link to 2019 Lisbon Immersion Itinerary

Kaua’i Immersion: A Grateful Aloha Packages Include:


9 days and 8 nights accommodations at The Cliffs at Princeville, our hotel community event partner. The Cliff’s hales are “nestled on a secluded bluff overlooking the Majestic North Shore.” 


Arrival drinks at The Cliffs
Afternoon concert at Happy Talk Lounge
Welcome dinner, music, dancing at B’s Kitchen Princeville
Concert at Kaua’i Performing Arts Center – IGE Ohana Seating
VIP Dinner and Concert at Anaina Hou, Porter Pavilion – IGE Ohana Seating
Dance Party Concert at Anaina Hou, Porter Pavilion
Concert at Smith’s Tropical Paradise – IGE Ohana Pu Pus, private set and GA concert
Hawaiian Cultural Concert at Kaua’i Performing Arts Center – IGE Ohana Seating
Hawaiian Cultural Concert IGE After Party with dinner, musical collaboration, dancing at Gaylords
Farewell dinner and music at The Hanalei Dolphin
Some Group Transportation to Major Events
Additional Private IGE Ohana Events TBA 

– Airfare is not included in package price –

– Specific programming is subject to change –

— All included meals carefully cater to dietary preferences and restrictions—

Condo Type Cost Per Person
One Bedroom Condo w/King Bed and Queen Sleep Couch – 4 People $2,950.00
One Bedroom Condo w/King Bed and Queen Sleep Couch – 3 People $3,800.00
One Bedroom Condo w/King Bed and Queen Sleep Couch – 2 People $3,975.00
One Bedroom Condo w/King Bed and Queen Sleep Couch – 1 Person $5,950.00
Two Bedroom Condo with King Bed, Loft w/2 Queen + Queen Sleep Couch – 6 People $2,800.00
Two Bedroom Condo with King Bed, Loft w/2 Queen + Queen Sleep Couch – 5 People $3,350.00
Two Bedroom Condo with King Bed, Loft w/2 Queen + Queen Sleep Couch – 4 People $3,750.00
Two Bedroom Condo with King Bed, Loft w/2 Queen + Queen Sleep Couch – 3 People $4,100.00
IGE Grateful Aloha Package Without Lodging
A very limited number of IGE Grateful Aloha non resident packages are available for those who wish to experience all Immersion events, yet intend to stay in self selected accommodations instead of at The Cliffs. These non resident packages include IGE Ohana seating and amenities at all public concerts and inclusion in all IGE private meals, events and concerts.


One Bedroom Condo w/King Bed and Queen Sleep Couch:
917 square feet, King Bed master bedroom, Queen Sleep Couch in Living Room, 2 bath, 2 Lanai, 2 Televisions, Fully-equipped kitchen, Washer & dryer, Mid-week maid service (for 5+ days), 2 beach chairs and cooler in unit, Complimentary Wi-Fi and use of business center

Two Bedroom Condo with King Bed, Loft w/2 Queen + Queen Sleep Couch:
1,231 square feet, King Bed master bedroom, Separate Sleeping Loft with 2 Queen beds, Queen Sleep Couch in Living Room, 2 bath, 2 Lanai, 2 Televisions, Fully-equipped kitchen, Washer & dryer, Mid-week maid service (for 5+ days), 2 beach chairs and cooler in unit, Complimentary Wi-Fi and use of business center

Charitable Contribution:
Innovative Giving Enhancement (IGE) 501(c)(3) Immersion Guests may claim a substantial charitable contribution deduction for the excess of the purchase price paid over its fair market value (FMV). IGE will provide documentation to Guests indicating your tax deductible donation to IGE

Payment Schedule:
50% of Trip Price at booking
75% of Trip Price by July 1st, 2022
100% of Trip Price by September 1st, 2022

Cancellation Policies:
100% of 50% deposit on booking refundable until July 1st ($250.00 administrative fee)
75% of 75% payment refundable until August 1st
50% of 100% payment refundable until October 1st

If Covid requires postponement of A Grateful Aloha, 100% of all payments ($250.00 administrative fee) are refundable or can be applied to future Immersions.

Payments can be made by Credit Card (3% fee), Check (no fee) or with Appreciated Securities. Please contact info@innogiven.org if you wish to take advantage of payment by Appreciated Securities.

The Cliffs at Princeville

9 days and 8 nights single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple or sextuple accommodations at The Cliffs at Princeville, our hotel community event partner. The Cliff’s luxurious condominiums are “nestled on a secluded bluff overlooking the Majestic North Shore.” 

Kaua’i Hospice

Kaua’i Independent Food Bank

Kaua’i Community College Creative Media Program
– Formal internships for students who will receive mentoring, references and show credits.

Kaua’i Concert Association  – Music in the schools – Musicians perform in school concerts during the week. Complimentary tickets for island arts students at KPAC shows.

Garden Island Arts Council – Co Production by IGE and GIAC of Hawaiian Cultural Show to support the EKK festival. Funding for new multi-cultural arts space

Kauai Planning & Action Alliance – Kaua’i Action Network/Resiliency Project – Funding for the Resiliency Project (teen suicide prevention) and the Keiki to Career Kaua’i Project

Anaina Hou – Venue partner – Funding for The Haven – a drop in supervised arts day center for teens

Surfrider Foundation Kaua’i  – Funding for youth ocean education programming

Kauai’s Boys and Girls Clubs – Funding for BGCH youth members enrichment and exploration in the arts supporting violin, dance and singing lessons

Other Donations:

-Scholarship for one local student pursuing a fine arts degree

-Scholarship for one local student pursuing a degree in Hawaiian Cultural Studies

-Music in the Schools – Musicians will present assemblies in local schools

-Local Performing Arts Schools – Donations for participation and performance in Youth Performance Festival and evening concerts

Lawai International Center – Donation for pavilion capital campaign


What Airport do I fly into in Kaua’i?

Immersion participants fly into Lihue (LIH), an approximately 45 minute drive to The Cliffs, IGE Kaua’i headquarters. Participants will take rental cars, taxis or rideshare services (Lyft and Uber) from the airport to The Cliffs.

What dates should I arrive and depart?

The Immersion begins Monday, January 3, 2022 and ends Tuesday morning, January 11, 2022. Most flights from the United States, particularly from the west coast will have a same day departure and arrival on January 3, 2022 for an arrival typically in the afternoon or evening on the 3rd. Check in on January 3rd begins at 11am room dependent. Check out on January 11th is 11am.

Can I arrive early or stay after the end of the Immersion at The Cliffs?

Many guests elect to arrive early or stay later. All such reservations should be made directly with The Cliffs.

What is the capacity of A Grateful Aloha?

Maximum Immersion capacity is approximately 150 participants to maintain the intimacy of the experience.

Is the Immersion fully inclusive other than airfare and Kaua’i ground transportation?

Immersions are largely, but not entirely inclusive. The Cliffs condominiums have lovely kitchens with a well stocked grocery store a few minutes away. A combination of four catered or restaurant meals are included during the Immersion as well as a heavy IGE Ohana Pu Pu service at Smith’s Tropical Paradise. All concerts and musical performances are included.

In addition to the Immersion participation fee, what other expenses can I expect?

During the Immersion, prepare to pay for those meals not included in the package, ground transportation, as well as your private activities and adventures. Kaua’i is an expensive destination in general. It would be reasonable to budget $500.00 – $1,000.00 depending on your plans.

Do included meals cater to all dietary choices and restrictions?

IGE Grateful Aloha meals are designed to meet all dietary choices and restrictions.

Are all IGE concerts and performances exclusive to Immersion participants? How many performances can I expect?

A Grateful Aloha includes 5 public benefit concerts held for the nonprofit coalition as well as 5 or more substantial private collaborative musical events. Immersion participants receive IGE Ohana seating and amenities at all public events. IGE events are reserved exclusively for Immersion participants. Over the course of the Immersion, expect a dozen or so performances including afternoon sets, nightly concerts, and some after hours shows.

Can I attend the Immersion for a shorter period?

Given the purposeful cap on participant numbers, IGE guests typically attend the Immersion for the entire period. Immersion guests stay in The Cliffs, IGE headquarters. Certainly, participants are welcome to come for as long as they wish, though no discounts are offered for shorter stays.

Can I participate fully in the Immersion if I stay somewhere other than The Cliffs?

We are offering a quite limited number of IGE Grateful Aloha packages to non Cliff residents. The precise number and availability of these packages will depend upon participant numbers staying at The Cliffs given our maximum of 150 full Immersion participants. We suggest that you reserve IGE Ohana Non Resident Packages as soon as possible if you wish to stay elsewhere, yet enjoy all IGE Immersive activities, meals and private concerts.

How does IGE select venues and what types of venues can I expect?

Immersion venues are located across the eastern and northern shores from Lihue to Hanalei and lie at the heart of the immersive experience. Venues are selected for atmosphere and range from state of the art concert halls to mind blowing botanical gardens, magical pavilions to enchanted churches, grand estates to iconic restaurants. A number of spectacular venues, many of which do not typically host musical events, are available only to IGE as a nonprofit partner of local charities in the nonprofit coalition.

How much of the Kaua’i will I visit through IGE concerts, events and outings?

IGE participants experience Kaua’i in profound insider fashion as honored community guests. Venue selection, performance arrangement and group adventures are structured as an arc and crafted to reveal the Garden Island in manners no other visitor can experience.

Do I need to rent a car?

Most participants will want to have a car at their disposal during the Immersion. That said, Kaua’i has only a single road around the Island plagued by rental cars. Traffic jams are a regular and maddening part of life for residents and our local friends would greatly appreciate fewer cars on the road when convenient. We suggest that you share rental cars ideally among 4 people to mitigate the impact of rental cars on island life and naturally to reduce your costs. We are happy to help you connect with other participants should you be interested in sharing a rental car.

Will there be shuttle buses to Public Concerts and Private IGE events?

We are planning to have bus and shuttle service to many of the concerts. Some of the private IGE shows are very close to the Cliffs in Princeville or Hanalei. Others are further afield in Wailua or Lihue. For more distant shows we intend to arrange transportation. That will remove cars from the roads while permitting you to more fully experience the events. Of course, we expect that you will be visiting the island and may well arrive at events directly from your adventures. You are in no way expected to use the shuttles, though we look forward to offering you a ride. You will be able to sign up in advance for any shows for which you may wish to join us on the shuttles.

What is the refund policy should Grateful Aloha be postponed or cancelled?

Should Covid or other circumstances lead to the postponement of Grateful Aloha, you can shift your payment to the rescheduled date, apply your payment to a different Immersion, or receive a full refund minus a $250.00 fee.

How does my participation in Grateful Aloha benefit the Garden Island nonprofit coalition?

Immersion participants fund all production costs for the public benefit concerts permitting 100% of the revenue raised on Kaua’i through ticket sales and donations to be shared by members of the nonprofit coalition. Additionally we will distribute a broad range of donations.

           “An IGE immersion is like no musical excursion you will participate in. It’s incomparable to any vacation – becoming a community in a foreign land to appreciate culture, art and music is the way to get to know a city like you never can sightseeing alone. On Immersions you are simultaneously a traveller and at home with a group of common minded people.” – Paul Hoffman, Greensky Bluegrass

           “For me, the IGE immersion is truly unique. It’s not a gig, it’s not a vacation, it’s an opportunity to be who we are, among friends. Lovers of culture, of language, of food, of lifestyle. Its about special musical collaborations in sublime settings. It’s about sharing laughter and wonder and song in enchanting European locations. It’s about tuning in to the local vibe and rhythms and soaking them up. It’s less about performing music, and more about playing it out of joy, inspiration and gratitude fueled by the immersive experience.” – Keith Moseley, String Cheese Incident

           “The opportunity to see disparate artists join together in multiple formats, to watch their musical language at work, creating new harmonious wholes, was awe-inspiring.” – Zak Gordon

           “I had a fantastic time. I wasn’t sure what to expect but felt truly immersed–no other word truly applies–with my favorite music. I loved the venues you found and how the music was seamlessly integrated with the art and architecture around us. Some of the experiences (the Holly Bowling concert at MEAM comes to mind) were truly stunning. I also liked the ratio of group activities to free time for exploring.” – Wendy Gordon

           “Just as there was “Nothing like a Grateful Dead show”, there is nothing like the IGE experience. I’m still high from it and there will be lifelong memories and, I expect, ongoing relationships. Extremely well organized, seamlessly designed, thoughtful artists. A very classy operation. Folks were smiling even when it was rainy. Help was always nearby. AND THE MUSIC WAS TOPS!. – Barry Elkin

           “At first I was hesitant to attend this event as a solo. I’m forever grateful I made the leap and signed up. Less than 24 hours in – the experience had more than paid for itself. The warmth of the group, talent and graciousness of the musicians, and attentiveness of the staff combined to make for one of the best vacations I have ever taken.” – Reed Lewis

           “Thank you so much for the memories! May the Universe return to you the blessings you shared with us tenfold!” – Brenda Hann

           “I have been on more than my share of wonderful travels and adventures in my lifetime, but the trip to Barcelona was super duper extra Special! What a special experience to be a part of a living breathing music troupe coming together! The music and the people helped me reset myself vibrationally, and emotionally! – Alessandra Schwartz

           “Music, travel, friends. No other festival captures the intimacy and creativity of an Immersion. There’s just nothing else like it. This year’s immersion was equally mind-blowing as last year’s.” -Susi Bouse

“Mind-blowing is an understatement for what we experienced in Barcelona, on many levels. From the music, the architecture, the food, the people, the IGE staff & production crew who worked so hard to make it all happen & run smoothly….Barcelona was an exhilarating adventure that we’ll be talking about for a long time to come.” – Joel Tarantal 

           “An absolutely fabulous experience… We have been around the block a few times and I can say that in almost 50 years of listening to this music and being a part of this community, this was our finest experience ever.” – Ron and Lili Zweibaum

      “Unforgettable. The City of Venice – its people, history and culture – was beyond my wildest imagination. Our IGE hosts and fellow travelers were kind and wondrous. The musicians were bellissimo – in performance and in spirit. Living in the villa along the canal, I felt like a Venetian.”  – Michael Jon Samuels, Qello Concerts 

          “Hands down the best musical experience I’ve ever had. If there’s a heaven, it’s pretty close to being immersed for 10 days with great musicians in a beautiful setting, surrounded by friends old and new.” – Dave F.

“We had an amazing experience with IGE in Venice. The performances and friendliness of the unbelievably talented musicians and outstanding hospitality of the hosts exceeded our expectation. It was truly a memorable experience which we will always cherish.”  – Jason Eig Partner at Blank Rome LLP & his AWESOME wife Heather Eig

                         “Nothing beats immersing yourself in a beautiful city like Venice, surrounded by live music and kind folks – truly a unique travel experience!” – Melissa Herman 

              “Our trip was an incredible experience that approached was almost surreal with the level of camaraderie that we enjoyed with the artists and our fellow travelers. Friendships that will last our lifetime!” – Peter H.

“I just want to tell you that our time together in Venice was one of the best times of my life. I feel that I understand the concepts around immersion and flow as I never have before. I loved everything you did to make our time here transformative and engaging and crazy fun. And full of heart.”  – Vanessa

“Great Music, Great Venues, a well thought out program that blends music, local culture and a truly unique intimate experience with like minded music freaks- you won’t find this elsewhere.” – Todd Z.

“We had the time of our lives and became so fully immersed in music and art that our hearts were exuberant! This experience is like no other with musical talent and fellowship beyond compare.” – Emily S.

“After augmenting our Venetian Immersion with subsequent expeditions to Florence and Rome, we have finally safely, albeit somewhat sadly, arrived back home in Philadelphia. The abrupt difference in the view from our bedroom window this morning from weeks past was a rude awakening, to be sure, but we are indeed most grateful for the abundance of joyful memories from this excursion which replay so vividly in our nightly dreams, and which will no doubt continue to titillate our souls for time eternal.Our deepest and most humble thanks to everyone who participated in and made possible this most extraordinary and magical event.” – Tanto amore,  Stu and Maria

“Venice washed over me like a wave, and touched all the senses. We saw amazing art & were treated to fantastic music everyday we got to be with friends old & new, and what more could you ask for? Yes, Yes, Yes!” – Joel

“What a special way to explore a new place! I really loved settling in and getting to know my surroundings as well as spending time with new and old friends. The music was icing on the cake and a pleasure to be a part of!” – Jilian

“One of the peak experiences of my life, and I’ve had (more than) a few!” – Greg

Thanks for your interest!

We will begin taking reservations Friday, April 23 at 9:00 am Pacific Time.

Ross James
Ross JamesMulti-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Singer
Ross was a founding member of the band American Jubilee, and has shared the stage with many greats including Phil Lesh, John Scofield, Chris Robinson, Warren Haynes, Stanley Jordan, John Mayer, and more.
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Holly Bowling
Holly BowlingPianist, Keyboardist and Composer
Texture, nuance, and a gift for dexterous high-wire improvisation are the hallmarks of San Francisco-based classically trained pianist Holly Bowling, who is infuses jam band music with a technically advanced,
emotionally rich style.
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Nicki Bluhm
Nicki BluhmSinger, Songwriter, Guitarist
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Paul Hoffman
Paul HoffmanSinger, Songwriter, Mandolinist, Guitarist
Founding member, singer, songwriter and mandolin player for the award winning folk/americana outfit Greensky Bluegrass.
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Anders Beck
Anders BeckDobro, Lap Steel
Anders Beck plays dobro, or resonator guitar, or drop steel in the progressive American musical group Greensky Bluegrass.
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Grahame Lesh
Grahame LeshGuitarist, Songwriter, Singer
Based in the musical hotbed of Marin County, California, Grahame Lesh is a guitar player and singer songwriter for Midnight North & the Terrapin Family Band.
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Scott Law
Scott LawGuitarist, Songwriter, Vocalist
Multifaceted artist Scott Law is an accomplished guitar master, songwriter, vocalist and solo recording artist operating at the very highest level of his craft.
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Elliott Peck
Elliott PeckGuitarist, Keyboardist, Songwriter, Singer
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Matt Butler
Matt ButlerConductor, Drummer
Everyone Orchestra conductor/founder Matt Butler corrals the musicians to create wondrous aural creations that defy genre and even get the audience involved in the song-creating process.
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Natalie Cressman
Natalie Cressman Singer, Songwriter, Trombonist
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Ian Faquini
Ian FaquiniComposer, Guitarist, Singer
Ian Faquini is a composer, guitarist, and singer born in Brasília and raised in Berkeley. Ian has become one of the most unique and respected guitar players in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his distinct compositional style and harmonic sense. He is also a brilliant accompanist, which has made him an in-demand collaborator with vocalists in the Bay Area and beyond.
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Peter Rowan
Peter RowanSinger-Songwriter, Guitarist
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Vince Herman
Vince HermanSinger, Songwriter, Guitarist
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Jennifer Hartswick
Jennifer Hartswick
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James Casey
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Chris Chew
Chris ChewBass
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Steve Adams
Steve AdamsBass
Bassist Steve Adams ties together many worlds, finding a meeting ground for feel-good jams, sparkling pop/rock, dust-kicking country/bluegrass, all with a deep admiration for the vintage grooves of Motown, Stax and the Wrecking Crew. As the bassist for ALO and Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, Adams is a national touring veteran and festival regular. When songwriting from home, Adams fires up the drums, keys, and his trusty ukulele, which one can often find him roaming with at festivals seeking out new music/buddies. In Spring of 2017, Adams jumped into the debut line-up of Bay Area jazz/rock trio, Magic In The Other, and has been exploring newer spaces still in sound and vision. Both off and on tour, Adams can often be found digging through the bins at local record stores, drawing inspiration from the great vinyl past to filter into his creative endeavors.
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The New Mastersounds
The New Mastersounds
In the late 1990’s, guitarist and producer Eddie Roberts was promoting a club night in Leeds called “The Cooker.” When The Cooker moved into a new venue with a second floor in 1999, there was space and the opportunity to put a live band together to complement the DJ sets. Simon Allen and Eddie had previously played together as The Mastersounds, though with a different bassist and no organ. Through friends and the intimate nature of the Leeds music scene, Pete Shand and Bob Birch were added on bass and Hammond respectively, and The New Mastersounds were born. Though it was raw, and more of a boogaloo sound at first, it was powerful from the start. Their first rehearsal was hot enough for Blow it Hard Records to release on two limited-edition 7” singles in 2000.

During a 2018 US tour, a sit-in by Atlanta-based vocalist Lamar Williams Jr turned heads, and the fit with NMS was so right that they pledged to make a record together. The resulting album was written and recorded in Denver, CO in December of that year and will be released in Fall 2019 on Eddie Roberts’ own Color Red label.

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Lindsay Lou
Lindsay Lou
Lindsay Lou has been making soulful, poignant music for the last decade. An undeniable powerhouse, Lou’s remarkable gifts as a singer, songwriter, musician and performer demand the listener’s attention.  Lou’s voice—and its unique ability to create an expansive, almost physically tangible soundscape—simultaneously embodies fierce intensity and tender intimacy. 
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