IGE Virtual Immersion Project  and Donation Page

Our IGE community is shaped through global adventure, historic musical collaboration, meaningful service and profound connections forged at Immersive events. At heart, shared love for art and culture informs our conviction that philanthropy flows most effortlessly through cooperative joy.

Though we cannot Immerse in person, IGE is determined we continue essential work in support for our community. We are proud to announce IGE Virtual Immersions, our upcoming series of musical recording projects and live streaming events. Check out the videos we have created so far on the IGE YouTube channel!

Over the coming months IGE, with generous support from our board and you is funding and orchestrating a series of remote collaborative recording projects inclusive of the full range of US and international musical ambassadors. Each Virtual Immersion Project will feature a unique lineup reflective of IGE immersive magic.

Every dollar donated for the Virtual Immersion Project directly funds IGE Musical Ambassadors collaborative musical projects and supports IGE production crew. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

At the outset of the VIP project, we set a fundraising target of $150,000 to continue production of these seminal international collaborations. At present, you’ve donated more than $70,000.00 ensuring continuing creative payments to members of the artist collective worldwide.





IGE Virtual Immersion Project is delighted to accept appreciated securities (appreciated security donations are 100% deductible), employer matching funds, donor directed philanthropic fund checks, or personal checks. Please contact Michael Becker for support making such donations.

Donate using Paypal, Venmo and Credit Card here:

Please enjoy From Here to Anywhere – International Collaborative Performances. Thank you for making possible these historic musical collaborations featured in our first three community gatherings. Thanks to your generosity, we will come together for three additional Virtual Immersions on September 30th, followed with community gatherings in October and November.